January 19, 2023


This one's a little different than my usual - a portrait! I was asked by the homie Tommy Lincoln at Stay Fresh Design to participate in a Secret Santa Portrait art show this past December. An interesting concept - a group of local visual artists each picked a name of a different artist in the group out of a hat, kept their pick confidential, and created a portrait of that artist for the show, which happened December 3 in Syracuse. Most of us are not traditional portrait artists, so there was a lot of variety in how the term 'portrait' was interpreted. The event was a big success - at times during the evening there were so many people at the gallery they were turning people away because there was no space for people to stand inside. My portrait is of Tori, a tattoo artist at Tymeless Tattoo in Bladwinsville. Look her up, she does great work. And, she wasn't even offended by my piece, which is a bonus.

Puscifer 2

Another poster for Puscifer! This time for the second leg of their 2022 tour, I was able to do the poster for the November 22 show in Louisville, KY. Same art direction as the previous poster - alien abduction, men in black, ufo's, space, etc. I wanted to include Billy D again this time but in a different way so I expanded upon an idea I had done in t-shirt graphic form for this band a while back - immaculate conception meets alien abduction. These sold out quickly at the show and my copies sold out almost instantly as well when I put them up in my webstore last fall. Puscifer fans do not play.

Billy Strings

I've been wanting to do a poster for Billy Strings for a while, finally got the chance this past fall. And being able to do the poster for my hometown, Rochester, NY, made it even better. This show was November 9, 2022 at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester. Since the show was in November and upstate NY is seriously beautiful in the fall, I wanted to do something autumn-related for this poster. For reference, I used a photo I had taken on one of the hikes my family took at a local state park, and illustrated it to include a miniature camping scene just for some extra fun. I'm no fungi expert, but apparently the mushroom on the log is called Chicken of the Woods - I found this out from approximately a million Billy fans who are super into these mushrooms. This poster was in very high demand - sold out quickly at the show and my copies sold out in less than 3 seconds when I made them available on my site in November. Hoping I get to do another for this band very soon!

Liquid Death

This graphic was done for the water company Liquid Death for their clothing line. They wanted a 90's-style monster truck t-shirt graphic, but with a hearse as the truck, so I came up with this. I'm very into all things hot rod, racing and monster truck so this was a lot of fun to do. The original approved green graphic seen here was eventually altered to the red version you see in the photo below by Liquid Death to better suit their demographic. I like both colorways but I think I'm still a little more partial to the green. Anyway, it's available on their site right now if you want to pick one up.

Avett Bros.

This was a fun one too, a little outside the norm for me. This is a gig poster done for the Avett Bros. for their show in Boise, ID on July 12 2022. Considering the band's traditional american style of music, I thought it would be fitting (and fun to do) to design the poster with a sort of american historical aesthetic. I looked into the history of the american old west, and southern Idaho in particular, and found that Boise was part of the rugged wilderness of the Oregon Trail back in the early 19th century. Fur trapping was a big industry at the time in the pacific northwest, so I thought it would be fun to depict a fur trapper but with a role reversal - instead of being hunted, the beaver was the hunter. Lots of fun to draw and the limited color palette was a challenge. I originally had plans to have some interesting single-color variants on special substrates printed along with the main edition, but the print schedule and paper availability didn't allow for it this time. As of right now, I still have some of these posters available in my webstore!


Another favorite from 2022. I scored a chance to do a gig poster for Puscifer, for their June 28 show at the House of Blues in Boston, MA. The band wanted an alien abduction, men in black, outer space, ufo, sacred geometry sort of vibe and I came up with this. The band's video for their song Bullet Train to Iowa was among several sources of inspiration for this. I love their Billy D character and there are some other references to Puscifer music and Maynard in here as well. All my posters old out instantly upon release last summer.

Dead & Co.

One of my favorite projects from 2022. Another gig poster for Dead & Co., this time for their show June 22 in Cincinnati, OH. I had a good time looking into the history of Cincinnati (aka Porkopolis) and including some references to interesting facts about the city in this poster design. These posters sold out quickly at the show as well as in my webstore when I put them up for sale last summer. Looking forward to doing more for this band in the future!

Lager Than Life - Zane Lamprey

I did this poster design last spring for Zane Lamprey's brewery comedy tour that continued throughout 2022. Zane wanted the illustration I did of him from the Buried Acorn beer label turned into a tour poster and this was the end result. Thanks Zane!