January 19, 2023

Avett Bros.

This was a fun one too, a little outside the norm for me. This is a gig poster done for the Avett Bros. for their show in Boise, ID on July 12 2022. Considering the band's traditional american style of music, I thought it would be fitting (and fun to do) to design the poster with a sort of american historical aesthetic. I looked into the history of the american old west, and southern Idaho in particular, and found that Boise was part of the rugged wilderness of the Oregon Trail back in the early 19th century. Fur trapping was a big industry at the time in the pacific northwest, so I thought it would be fun to depict a fur trapper but with a role reversal - instead of being hunted, the beaver was the hunter. Lots of fun to draw and the limited color palette was a challenge. I originally had plans to have some interesting single-color variants on special substrates printed along with the main edition, but the print schedule and paper availability didn't allow for it this time. As of right now, I still have some of these posters available in my webstore!

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