July 16, 2014

Primus Variants Update

For those of you waiting for Primus variant prints who missed my Facebook and Instagram posts from earlier today, you'll be pleased to know that I will shipping out all completed prints tomorrow morning (Thursday July 17 2014). Finally! I know it's been a while since you've placed your order and I apologize, but these prints had quite a bit more work involved than the average print, so I hope you'll be happy when you receive them and feel it was worth the wait. They were done in 3 stages - spraypaint first, then the black ink hand-screened by Galaxy Graphics (thanks again Evan), then I went back in and did some watercolor painting to fill in certain areas with more color. The image below shows them at stage 2 - right after the screen but before the watercolor. I think they're coming out really fresh...super grimy, heavy and hard hitting. I'll post an image soon of all 25 variants together so you can get an idea of their uniqueness - each is one of a kind.