October 15, 2014

51 Tire and Transmission

Just finished this art for 51 Tire & Transmission's shop tees. Did two versions - one for dark shirts, one for light shirts, since they'll be printing both. Love drawing stuff in this style. All pen and ink except the lettering. Thanks Tony!

October 5, 2014

Hot Dog Chainsaw!

Just a maniacal weekend sketch...I'd love to ink up one of these and make a band t-shirt graphic out of it...

Louder Than Life

I was asked to create some t-shirt art for the Louder Than Life music festival that's happening in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend (Oct. 4/5). There are some really great bands playing and I guess it's also a celebration of fine whiskey and food as well as the music, wish I could've gone! They specifically wanted some hot rod/ed roth type art, so I came up with this. I'm posting two versions - I did the color-limited version first, and I still like it a bit better, but they wanted more color, so the second version is what was printed. I still dig it a ton, I just tend to gravitate towards limited color stuff myself. I'm sure the colorful version will sell more shirts though. Regardless, it was a great project, and they were actually kind enough to send me a couple sample shirts too - one of which I'm keeping, the other is for sale in my webstore. The print came out really nice - definitely proud of this one!