November 1, 2021

Dead & Company!

So I got to do a poster for Dead & Company! For their 3-night string of shows this past weekend at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. Halloween is my favorite holiday by far so this was great to be able to do. I'll have some artist edition copies available at some point. More details on that soon.

October 20, 2021

Primus in Paso Robles

I was asked to do another Primus poster (!!), this time for their Paso Robles show on October 16, 2021. Always fun to do stuff for these guys. This time I decided to expand upon an idea I had for a t-shirt graphic I did for the band about a year or so ago. They had originally scheduled their current tour for spring of 2020, but Covid screwed that all up so it's happening now in the fall of 2021. The tour is a tribute to one of the band's favorite bands, Rush, and along with their own music, they're playing one of Rush's albums, a Farewell to Kings. I wanted to do something for this poster that included some Rush sci-fi themes, and ended up with this floating space castle rocketship thing. Hope you enjoy! I'll have my copies of this available on October 21, 2021 in my webstore if you'd like to pick one up. The regular edition and three different variants, all very limited in quantity. Thanks for looking!

September 16, 2021


Pretty excited for this one. I was asked to do a poster for the Foo Fighters' 9.15.21 gig in Syracuse, NY. This is big because I lived in Syracuse for 25 years (just moved back to where I grrew up this past April), basically my entire adult life. It was a lot of fun to put this art together and rep my city for such a big show and so this one was pretty special. I put in some nods to Syracuse for the local heads like the famous Tipp Hill upside down traffic light, and some bumper stickers to shout out some of my favorite places in town. Hope you dig it! I'll have my artist copies available in the very near future - sign up for my newsletter or follow me at @1000styles on instagram for the details!

August 9, 2021

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

So recently I was given the honor to be one of 6 artists to create a poster as part of Metallica's Black Album 2021 reissue. I can't really think of anything bigger than this when it comes to creating artwork for metal bands so apparently it's all downhill from here!:) Honestly though this is a huge one for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Chris for having me on this deal, I'm super thankful you decided to allow me the opportunity on this! I'll have a small number of artist copies available soon, details to follow.

July 28, 2021

Brain Bucket

Did this one just for fuin, but maybe it'll eventually evolve into a sticker or t-shirt or something. Anyone interested?

July 2, 2021

Foo Fighters!

Covid destroyed the Foo Fighters' plans to tour on their 25th anniversary as a band in the spring of 2020. I had already been asked to do a poster for the Hamilton, ON date on that tour, so it sucked when the tour got canceled. However, a little later on they decided to do the whole run of posters anyway, and just sell them through their website instead of at the shows, so I was able to move forward on my poster and this is the result. This was probably my most successful poster to date, it sold out in less than a day on the Foo Fighters' site, and sold out in my store within a few days after that. Possibly my best poster art to date as well. Looking forward to the next one!!

Iron Invasion 2021

Always fun to do art for the Iron Invasion show that happens out in Iowa every fall. This year they're having a special van section at the show so I got to draw a cool van, something I've done before but have been wanting to do again for a while now. I may have been a vanner is a past life.

A Lonely Island

I did this poster for A Lonely Island's back to back run of NYC shows in June 2019. Same art, two different colorways for two different venues. There are still a few copies of these posters (including foil variants) up in the shop if you're interested in picking one (or both!) up.