December 1, 2023

Polyphia Fall Tour Poster

This one was fun too, I was happy to get into some darker imagery again when I was asked to do this one. For Polyphia's run of shows this past fall, the art direction just stated they wanted a 3-headed snake. I said say less fam! I originally had the bleeding eyes done in the same white as the floating bubbles, I thought that it had a great contrast that way and would've looked really cool on the foil variants, but they wanted it red. I'm guessing as a reference to art on the band's New Levels, New Devils record from 2018, which I totally understand. Still looks pretty wild even in red. I still have some of these available in the store if anyone's interested.

Syracuse Music Collective Split 10"

Always down for some album art. Or in this case, record art. I did this art for the cover/sleeve of Syracuse Music Collective's most recent 10" split featuring Asthma Castle and Architect. It was released right around Halloween, obviously. I think they're sold out now.

Kitchen Dwellers - 10.11-15.23

I'm pretty new to the Kitchen Dwellers but they're a great band from Montana who asked me to do this poster for their run of shows in the northeast US this past October. Hope you like it. The foil variants are sold out but I do still have some of the standard edition (which I actually like better than the foil) available in the store as of the time of this post.

Pretty Lights - 9.14-16.23

This one was a ton of work but I really like how it eventually finished. It was for Pretty Lights' run of shows September 14-16, 2023 at the Franklin Music hall in Philly. The art direction wanted my interpretation of the tour's manifesto, 'Soundship Spacesystem', so I thought some crazy industrial apparatus infused with analog audio production equipment would be a cool look. Apparently it was, the poster sold out all 3 nights of the show and sold out in my store quickly as well! All of these were printed on foil, it was a great looking poster.

Trey Anastasio & Classic TAB - 9.14.23

Flower cake! I got to do this poster for Trey Anastasio for his Classic TAB performance at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, NH on September 14, 2023. Definitely a weird concept but the band was into it so why not? Sold out at the show but still plenty of copies available in my webstore - regular and foil variant.

Eric Church - 6.22.23

I was able to do the poster for the first show on Eric Church's Outsider Revival Tour this past summer. I originally had done this as a nighttime scene/colorway, which I still like better, but this turned out pretty good too. Hope ya dig it - I have a few of these left in the shop as well.

Avett Brothers - 6.18.23

This poster was done for the Avett Brothers' show on June 18, 2023 in Oklahoma City, OK at the Zoo Amphitheater. Loved drawing all the mushrooms and flora in this one and I did a bunch of cool variants - most of which are still available in the shop.

Fearless Flying Frog Brigade

Did this poster for Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade for their show 5.31.23 at Kemba Live in Columbus, OH. The green and yellow was the main colorway, the purple/pink was the variant. There was some foils of these and I also did a super limited clear ink pattern overlay on some too. Those are all sold out now but still have some of the regulars available in the shop!