November 20, 2012

T-shirts on Sale!

I am putting all remaining stock of 1000styles t-shirts on sale, I need to clear out the shelves. Everything I have is now only $10 each, and there are pretty limited sizes and styles left (some sizes/styles are down to one shirt left) so if you want something, now's the time. I don't reprint. I'm also doing a grab bag - 3 brand new 1000styles t-shirts for $15 - you pick the size in mens or womens, I pick the shirts. You need to buy Christmas presents, I need to sell t-shirts, see how this works? Click the 'SHOP' image to the right to get the goods, or just click HERE.

November 13, 2012

Four on the Gore!

Recently finished this one for Lethal Threat clothing company. Definitely enjoyed doing this - another example of the hotrod/lowbrow style I've been really into lately. Inked by hand, colored digitally. I'll probably take the inkwork and create a variant of this with watercolor eventually like I've done with some other pieces.