January 19, 2023


This one's a little different than my usual - a portrait! I was asked by the homie Tommy Lincoln at Stay Fresh Design to participate in a Secret Santa Portrait art show this past December. An interesting concept - a group of local visual artists each picked a name of a different artist in the group out of a hat, kept their pick confidential, and created a portrait of that artist for the show, which happened December 3 in Syracuse. Most of us are not traditional portrait artists, so there was a lot of variety in how the term 'portrait' was interpreted. The event was a big success - at times during the evening there were so many people at the gallery they were turning people away because there was no space for people to stand inside. My portrait is of Tori, a tattoo artist at Tymeless Tattoo in Bladwinsville. Look her up, she does great work. And, she wasn't even offended by my piece, which is a bonus.

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