October 20, 2021

Primus in Paso Robles

I was asked to do another Primus poster (!!), this time for their Paso Robles show on October 16, 2021. Always fun to do stuff for these guys. This time I decided to expand upon an idea I had for a t-shirt graphic I did for the band about a year or so ago. They had originally scheduled their current tour for spring of 2020, but Covid screwed that all up so it's happening now in the fall of 2021. The tour is a tribute to one of the band's favorite bands, Rush, and along with their own music, they're playing one of Rush's albums, a Farewell to Kings. I wanted to do something for this poster that included some Rush sci-fi themes, and ended up with this floating space castle rocketship thing. Hope you enjoy! I'll have my copies of this available on October 21, 2021 in my webstore if you'd like to pick one up. The regular edition and three different variants, all very limited in quantity. Thanks for looking!