January 30, 2010

Just interviewed on ArtsProjekt!

Andy Howell's artist community site, ArtsProjekt (which you should definitely check out if you haven't been there and you're into contemporary art), just published a short interview they did with me about my work. They posted up some art of mine and everything, I'm 'bout it 'bout it...check out the interview here.

January 20, 2010


Just finished a graphic for Silas Maximus, for his new mashup mix entitled 'Ghettoblast'. Very well done stuff. Go listen to it on Mixcloud here. Here's the art:

January 12, 2010

Nothin but a gangsta party

Found this in the archives. Did it a little ways back and it never really went anywhere, so thought I'd post it up, because I still like it. Rise Above.

January 11, 2010

Time Magazine #1 Music Video of 2009!

Time Magazine 'Year in Pictures' issue just voted Raekwon's 'House of Flying Daggers' the #1 music video of 2009! This is the video I recently did all the illustration for, so I'm super stoked about it. Of course, I was just one part of the team, gotta give credit to Sasso and Peli (writers and directors - Chain Gang Productions), and Drew and Ryan (animators/effects) for being in the trenches with me making it happen. This was the first single off Raekwon's new record, Cuban Linx II, and it was produced by the one J Dilla. Chea.

Other accolades include:

Pitchfork - “Top Music Videos of 2009” [Nov 21, 2009]
Rap-Up - “10 Best Music Videos of 2009” [Dec 29, 2009]
Kevin Nottingham - #4 “Top 10 Music Videos: 2009” [Dec 21, 2009]
Rumproast - #6 Top 15 Music Videos of 2009” [Dec 22, 2009]
Kata Rokkar - “Best Music Videos of 2009” [Dec 7, 2009]
mashKULTURE - #21 “Best Music Videos of the Year (2009)” [Dec 21, 2009]

Here's the video, if you haven't seen it yet.

Lilies and Irises

And you thought I was playing when I said 1000 styles. This painting was done for my mom for Christmas. Acrylic on canvas, 16x20", plus the frame (thanks Semo). And unless you're my wife, don't bother asking me to paint something along these lines for you - this was a one-time thing!

January 8, 2010

Recent Work

All recent work, transferred from my old site layout...

These two are full color process t-shirt graphics done for Killer Kreations in Philadelphia:

This one's another full color process t-shirt graphic, done for Stab and Grab:

Bulemaniacal, a 4-color t-shirt graphic done for my own part-time line of t-shirts, available on three different colors of t-shirts, in my shop, linked on the right side of this page:

Album/CD art for various clients:

Miscellaneous flyer design for various clients:

Here are a few examples of more than 80 custom one-off baseball caps I painted recently for all sorts of people all over the globe. These were done with spraypaint and paint markers:

Miscellaneous commercial work for various clients:

Miscellaneous fine art and randomness:
These first two were inspired by the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film from the 1970s directed by Tobe Hooper (both acrylic on canvas):

These two are painted on 10" records (yes, 10", not 12" - they're old records)

Painted this on a Dickies workjacket:

The first one here is album art, second is fine art:

The piece on the left is two skate decks fused together and painted on, the middle is a 7 foot tall portrait I painted as part of a graffiti mural (all done with spraycans, no paintbrushes), and the one on the right is a mini-spraycan I found squashed in a parking lot, took it home, and painted on it:

January 1, 2010

New Blog Format

Because I've decided that no matter how hard I try, I just don't have the desire to learn any advanced (or even intermediate) web coding, I'm now in the process of changing my site to this blogspot format. It will make it even easier for me to update so hopefully that will happen more often. Instead of trying to maintain separate sections of the site (news, portfolio, merch, etc.), I'm just gonna post art as I finish it or as it can be released, along with any relevant news items. So the top of this page will always be the newest stuff, and older as you move down the page. I hope to soon set up a shop as well, which will be linked to the right. This format also allows viewer comments and subscriptions to my posts, which could be pretty cool.

So here we go. This is a set of sneakers I did for a friend, to give his wife for Christmas: