August 3, 2017

Chicago Open-Air Fest

Recently did the art for the official screenprinted poster for the Chicago Open Air Festival that happened a few weeks back. Love doing stuff like this.


Got to do another shirt graphic for the biggest metal band in the world, no big deal.

New Shirts!

Did a few new little pieces and I have them available on shirts - go to my Teepublic Store to view and buy these, among others!

Ivy Mike!

Did this for the centerfold of an upcoming issue of Ol' Skool Rodz magazine. Can't wait to see it in print.


Realized my site was missing a few recent pieces so here's a big update. I usually update Instagram (@1000styles) and Facebook first, so find me there if you want to see the new ish before I get around to updating here. Here's a piece I did for the new issue of Unibrow zine, out now in all reputable bookstores and online.