July 28, 2021

Brain Bucket

Did this one just for fuin, but maybe it'll eventually evolve into a sticker or t-shirt or something. Anyone interested?

July 2, 2021

Foo Fighters!

Covid destroyed the Foo Fighters' plans to tour on their 25th anniversary as a band in the spring of 2020. I had already been asked to do a poster for the Hamilton, ON date on that tour, so it sucked when the tour got canceled. However, a little later on they decided to do the whole run of posters anyway, and just sell them through their website instead of at the shows, so I was able to move forward on my poster and this is the result. This was probably my most successful poster to date, it sold out in less than a day on the Foo Fighters' site, and sold out in my store within a few days after that. Possibly my best poster art to date as well. Looking forward to the next one!!

Iron Invasion 2021

Always fun to do art for the Iron Invasion show that happens out in Iowa every fall. This year they're having a special van section at the show so I got to draw a cool van, something I've done before but have been wanting to do again for a while now. I may have been a vanner is a past life.

A Lonely Island

I did this poster for A Lonely Island's back to back run of NYC shows in June 2019. Same art, two different colorways for two different venues. There are still a few copies of these posters (including foil variants) up in the shop if you're interested in picking one (or both!) up.

Collective Arts Brewing!

Canadian brewery Collective Arts Brewing has a long history of heavily promoting the artists that do the artwork that appears on their labels, which of course is awesome, and their beer is great too. I was lucky and got chosen to have one of my pieces on one of their beers this past spring, my neon werewolf guy. My first time having my art on beer here in the states. I haven't seen the beer in stores yet but I hope I can find some sooner or later, I'd love to try it.

Face & 3 Eyes 2 Beers Stickers

Just a couple fun little things for no reason. I made some holographic stickers out of the Face but they're sold out. There's a few left of the 3 Eyes, 2 Beers sticker in the shop though, get 'em while they're hot.

Drawlloween 2020

Drawlloween 2020 - I thought that maybe for once since we were all still on lockdown and there wasn't much to do outside the house, I might be able to get the whole month of Drawlloween drawings done and maybe even on time. I was wrong. I got like 5 done. Always too much going on, or I take too long, or maybe both. Anyway here's what I did get done: Day 1: Werewolf; Day 3: Changeling; Day 4: Poison; Day 5: Witch; Day 6: Familiar; Day 10: Hellhound; and Day 21: Yokai.

Murder Was the Case

This was just a fun little personal project that I thought would be funny. It eventually became stickers and tie-dye t-shirts, both available in the shop, of which I have a few left.

Sonic Temple

As everybody knows, live music has been non-existent for the last 16 months. This design was done for the 2020 Sonic Temple music fest, which never happened. The festival decided to print the shirts anyway, and just sell through their website.

Water Towers

So I've also assembled and painted two water tower models in the last few months. It's fun to go 3D sometimes. These were designed and produced by Mike Giannattasio (IG: @tower_makerone) - assembled and painted by me. The gray one is a model of a real tower in Syracuse, the New Process Gear tower in Franklin Square.