June 29, 2010

Stab & Grab/1000STYLES Skate Decks Soon to be Available

Got a prototype of the skate deck I'm working on with Stab & Grab. I'll soon be offering these for sale through my shop (on the right margin of this page), as soon as I can grab a few production copies. I really love how these are turning out, so I thought I'd post up a couple photos of the prototype. I tried to get the best natural light possible on these by taking the photos outside, but my crappy photos don't really do this justice - the art looks REALLY good on these. There will not be a white base layer printed before the art, so the light tones of color and wood grain of the hardwood maple used in the construction decks shows through in a really cool way, 100% complementing the artwork. And this isn't a heat transfer or even a silkscreen, this is ultra-professional high-end ish. I'm super excited about these - not sure how much I'll be charging for them yet, but if anyone's interested in reserving one, just email me. I won't have many, we ain't no high rollers over here. Check it:

June 7, 2010

Toy Design Class Flyer

Just did a flyer design for the one like Erol. He's teaching a class at NYU this summer about rapid prototyping and toy design, I hope this flyer helps him fill up the class...