January 19, 2023

Billy Strings

I've been wanting to do a poster for Billy Strings for a while, finally got the chance this past fall. And being able to do the poster for my hometown, Rochester, NY, made it even better. This show was November 9, 2022 at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester. Since the show was in November and upstate NY is seriously beautiful in the fall, I wanted to do something autumn-related for this poster. For reference, I used a photo I had taken on one of the hikes my family took at a local state park, and illustrated it to include a miniature camping scene just for some extra fun. I'm no fungi expert, but apparently the mushroom on the log is called Chicken of the Woods - I found this out from approximately a million Billy fans who are super into these mushrooms. This poster was in very high demand - sold out quickly at the show and my copies sold out in less than 3 seconds when I made them available on my site in November. Hoping I get to do another for this band very soon!

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