November 29, 2014

Holiday Sale!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are always a lot of fun for me, seeing family and friends and enjoying time away from the usual grind. But the ever-worsening relentless approach of the corporations trying to steal your valuable dollars in the name of the holidays and the 'holiday creep' as it's become known, really annoys me. However, I do enjoy giving gifts to those on my list, so dealing with the american capitalist machine is a necessary evil. I just try to keep it as limited as possible, and buy from small businesses and local craftsmen as much as I can. I assume most of you reading this also have plans to buy a few gifts for your loved ones - so if your list includes someone who would enjoy my art, I am offering an incentive to visit my shop - a free poster or two! To get to my webstore, you can click the image at right, or this link. Read on for details...

November 17, 2014

Sketch Collection Booklet

I've gotten some pretty good response on some of my recent pencil drawings, so I decided to put a bunch of them together in a booklet format to make available in my webstore. Since they're just drawings and not really finished pieces, it made more sense to me to do it this way to to try and make prints of them or sell the originals (which would have to be literally ripped from the book and I don't want to do that). So I scanned them at high resolution and created this booklet - it's 32 pages of gory, dripping, violent, disturbing characters that make people think I'm a sadistic torture-killer just waiting for the right moment to murder a bus full of tourists or something. But chances are, since you're already here on my site, you're into this kind of thing and you likely won't be offended. Most of these drawings have already been published on this site or on my various social media, but in low resolution, small size, and sometimes just photos, not scans - so this booklet collects them all in one convenient place in high quality print. I thought it was a cool way to make them accessible and affordable to those who might be interested. You could potentially take the booklet apart and create like little 30 prints to hang up if you wanted. Anyway, here's a preview - and it's available in the webstore here. I'll sign each copy, and it comes with a bunch of stickers too. Word up!