January 30, 2015

Minion Stickers are Available!

Finally made the jump to vinyl die-cut stickers. Got some done of the little minion I did - thanks to Bryan at Rockin' Stickers for hooking it up just right. They're available in my webstore for only two bucks. Go check 'em out and pick up a couple!

January 28, 2015


Got a chance today to shoot some photos of this piece I did recently for the Deck the Halls all-skate-deck art show at the SALTQuarters Gallery here in Syracuse. This piece is now sold and it's gonna be hard to let go of it, but I guess that's just all the more reason to get into the next one! I decided against trying to scan it because of the curvature of the board, so I tried to get some good photos instead. Here's the shot of the whole thing followed by some closeups. Lighting isn't optimal, even though I was outside (in single-digit temperatures, no less) when I shot it, but you get the idea. It does look better in person, but what are you gonna do. I'll take what I can get, I'm no pro photographer. Hope you dig it.

January 5, 2015

Retro Rewind

Looks like I forgot to post this image a few weeks back when I was cleared to release it - too many social media outlets to update and forgot my own damn site! Ah well, it's cool, the event is thiscoming weekend so no better time to post it than now. This is a graphic I got to do for the big RETRO REWIND traditional hot rod and motorcycle show happening this weekend in Dubuque, Iowa. This is being produced on flyers, t-shirts, stickers, and whatever else. Best I can tell, it's one of two major images the show organizer commissioned to promote the show with, the other done by the amazing Doug P'Gosh! I'm in some great company on this one, super honored to have done it! Thanks again John!