June 10, 2014


Just an update for everyone who ordered a Primus print a couple weeks back.

If you ordered a STANDARD edition only, your print HAS SHIPPED and you should receive it soon. I don't know exactly when you'll receive it, but they were all shipped USPS Priority Mail, so it shouldn't take longer than another week or so, even if you're outside of the US. Most should already have been delivered actually. There is tracking on all of them, so if you haven't received it in a week (June 17), email me and I'll give you the tracking number.

If you ordered a VARIANT or a variant AND a standard edition, your order has NOT shipped yet, because the variants are still in production. I'm estimating another week or so before those can ship. I'll post here again when those orders ship so anyone interested will know they can start checking their mailbox.

Thanks again for all the orders!