January 11, 2010

Time Magazine #1 Music Video of 2009!

Time Magazine 'Year in Pictures' issue just voted Raekwon's 'House of Flying Daggers' the #1 music video of 2009! This is the video I recently did all the illustration for, so I'm super stoked about it. Of course, I was just one part of the team, gotta give credit to Sasso and Peli (writers and directors - Chain Gang Productions), and Drew and Ryan (animators/effects) for being in the trenches with me making it happen. This was the first single off Raekwon's new record, Cuban Linx II, and it was produced by the one J Dilla. Chea.

Other accolades include:

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Here's the video, if you haven't seen it yet.


  1. HOT Shit... Steve (Donny's cousin) Love it!

  2. Absolutely awesome ,, After effects i presume? ,, Thats my weapon of choice,, GREAT illustration and animation