January 8, 2010

Recent Work

All recent work, transferred from my old site layout...

These two are full color process t-shirt graphics done for Killer Kreations in Philadelphia:

This one's another full color process t-shirt graphic, done for Stab and Grab:

Bulemaniacal, a 4-color t-shirt graphic done for my own part-time line of t-shirts, available on three different colors of t-shirts, in my shop, linked on the right side of this page:

Album/CD art for various clients:

Miscellaneous flyer design for various clients:

Here are a few examples of more than 80 custom one-off baseball caps I painted recently for all sorts of people all over the globe. These were done with spraypaint and paint markers:

Miscellaneous commercial work for various clients:

Miscellaneous fine art and randomness:
These first two were inspired by the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film from the 1970s directed by Tobe Hooper (both acrylic on canvas):

These two are painted on 10" records (yes, 10", not 12" - they're old records)

Painted this on a Dickies workjacket:

The first one here is album art, second is fine art:

The piece on the left is two skate decks fused together and painted on, the middle is a 7 foot tall portrait I painted as part of a graffiti mural (all done with spraycans, no paintbrushes), and the one on the right is a mini-spraycan I found squashed in a parking lot, took it home, and painted on it:

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