January 1, 2010

New Blog Format

Because I've decided that no matter how hard I try, I just don't have the desire to learn any advanced (or even intermediate) web coding, I'm now in the process of changing my site to this blogspot format. It will make it even easier for me to update so hopefully that will happen more often. Instead of trying to maintain separate sections of the site (news, portfolio, merch, etc.), I'm just gonna post art as I finish it or as it can be released, along with any relevant news items. So the top of this page will always be the newest stuff, and older as you move down the page. I hope to soon set up a shop as well, which will be linked to the right. This format also allows viewer comments and subscriptions to my posts, which could be pretty cool.

So here we go. This is a set of sneakers I did for a friend, to give his wife for Christmas:

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