November 29, 2014

Holiday Sale!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are always a lot of fun for me, seeing family and friends and enjoying time away from the usual grind. But the ever-worsening relentless approach of the corporations trying to steal your valuable dollars in the name of the holidays and the 'holiday creep' as it's become known, really annoys me. However, I do enjoy giving gifts to those on my list, so dealing with the american capitalist machine is a necessary evil. I just try to keep it as limited as possible, and buy from small businesses and local craftsmen as much as I can. I assume most of you reading this also have plans to buy a few gifts for your loved ones - so if your list includes someone who would enjoy my art, I am offering an incentive to visit my shop - a free poster or two! To get to my webstore, you can click the image at right, or this link. Read on for details...

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