October 5, 2014

Louder Than Life

I was asked to create some t-shirt art for the Louder Than Life music festival that's happening in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend (Oct. 4/5). There are some really great bands playing and I guess it's also a celebration of fine whiskey and food as well as the music, wish I could've gone! They specifically wanted some hot rod/ed roth type art, so I came up with this. I'm posting two versions - I did the color-limited version first, and I still like it a bit better, but they wanted more color, so the second version is what was printed. I still dig it a ton, I just tend to gravitate towards limited color stuff myself. I'm sure the colorful version will sell more shirts though. Regardless, it was a great project, and they were actually kind enough to send me a couple sample shirts too - one of which I'm keeping, the other is for sale in my webstore. The print came out really nice - definitely proud of this one!


  1. Could you tell me where I can get one in XL. I want one so badly. They were sold out at the show when I tried to get one.