January 5, 2022


Finally got to do a poster for touring juggernaut known as Phish. Been after this one for a while now, I'm glad it finally happened, and for their NYC New Year's eve run of shows at the Garden too. Unfortunately the shows got postponed due to the pandemic but the posters had already been produced by then, so the band decided to just sell them on their Phish Dry Goods site. For this one I tried to keep it light and incorporate some themes from their latest album Sigma Oasis, and the song Steam, specifically, tied into the venue (Madison Square Garden) and city (NYC) the shows were supposed to happen in. This poster was done in two colorways, show edition of 1,000 posters per colorway and 100 Artist Edition copies per colorway. Huge thank you to Lady Lazarus once again, who pulled off this insane print job in a ridiculously tight timeframe! All copies have now been sold out, but I may have a few stragglers left once I get the orders shipped, we'll see. Keep an eye on my webstore and my instagram (@1000styles) if you haven't been able to snag a copy yet and want one!

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