July 2, 2021

Foo Fighters!

Covid destroyed the Foo Fighters' plans to tour on their 25th anniversary as a band in the spring of 2020. I had already been asked to do a poster for the Hamilton, ON date on that tour, so it sucked when the tour got canceled. However, a little later on they decided to do the whole run of posters anyway, and just sell them through their website instead of at the shows, so I was able to move forward on my poster and this is the result. This was probably my most successful poster to date, it sold out in less than a day on the Foo Fighters' site, and sold out in my store within a few days after that. Possibly my best poster art to date as well. Looking forward to the next one!!

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  1. Dan: Please send me your contact info.
    Thank you.
    Paul Doherty