February 25, 2013


Just finished this little beast. I'm naming him Kevin. Standing tall at a full three inches, he's not a big guy but definitely makes up for it with that bite. Structurally, he's a repurposed plastic toy combined with an authentic found squirrel skull, finished in acrylic paint. I had a lot of fun making this, it's my first foray into sculpture since high school I think. Might have to go looking for more skulls and make this the first of a series. Who knows. I think I'll probably put him up for sale in my shop within a few days, until then I'll just keep him on the kitchen table and gross out my wife. Ha!


  1. I deliver high end furniture around Austin, Texas and happen to walk in a customers house that had at least 20 pieces that were done in this type of style. I love it!! where can i purchase your art? Thanks!

    1. Hey Anonymous, thanks for the comment - just email me at dan@thousandstyles.com and we can discuss! Thanks!