October 19, 2011

Upstate Berserkers

Just finished another graphic for Gym Class Heroes, this one for their fall 2011 US tour. They're doing a motorcycle club theme and this is being printed on hoodies and embroidered into MC back patches. Pretty cool stuff, I hope I can get one when they're printed. Full graphic first, and a closeup below.....enjoy.


  1. Hi, we have an actual mc club called berserkers mc. I'd like you to contact me about this I need to verify with you that this is being used as a temporary band promotion thing, and what the status is on this logo. Please email me @ brittanymaturo@ymail.com
    Again, I am looking to verify if this is for a band or actal mc and what this is being used for. Just want to have a quick convo. Thanks very much. Also if possible maybe you can help us with a design? We want to update our patch.

  2. wow very nice work, would make a very bad ass MC patch

  3. DUDE! That's so sick, I really think you need to sell that patch, cos I really need that in my life right now

  4. we have a club with the same name as well there are several clubs i have found with the same name