March 27, 2017

Rammstein, Korn, Stone Sour Vegas Print

I was lucky and scored a gig doing a gig poster for the Rammstein, Korn, and Stone Sour show happening in July in Las Vegas. This poster is apparently being printed to be sold as part of the VIP package for that show. It was a lot of fun doing this one, I hope I get to do more stuff like this!

March 1, 2017


Got the prints in! Hydra-Matic - edition of 35, 6 colors on some awesome French paper, printed by hand by Zink in Oswego. They turned out great. Obviously this art isn't for everyone's wall but if you want one, they're signed and numbered by me and available in my webstore: (Shop link to right also). Any order of this print before March 15 gets a free sketch zine thrown in - 32 pages of weird disgusting creatures and stuff like that.

February 7, 2017


I was lucky enough to be able to do a t-shirt graphic recently for the almighty METALLICA. Like a lot of people, I've consistently listened to and loved Metallica since grade school, so this is definitely a bucket list job for me. This was done for a handful of shows the band is playing in Copenhagen (thus the scandinavian influence). Hope it sells well, I'd obviously love to do more work for this band.

January 10, 2017

Demon Seed - Bob Umbel

Got to do another Demon Seed skate deck recently, this time I was asked to do my interpretation of Stephen Blickenstaff's iconic Cramps 'Bad Music for Bad People' cover art for the Bad Umbel deck.

Smiley Bones

I was asked to create my version of the "Smiley Bones" mascot for British rock band The Wildhearts - this is what I came up with.

Get Money, Have Dinner and What the Bloodclot

Just a couple funny little graphics I put together - available on shirts, hoodies, phone cases, bags, etc. at my Teepublic store.

Jesse Martinez Positive Charge Skate Deck

Did this skate deck graphic for Positive Charge Skateboards as a signature deck for legendary skater Jesse Martinez out of Venice CA. Positive Charge is doing lots of great things and not just slinging skateboards - go check out their stuff.

January 5, 2017

Born Dead

Did this little graphic recently. Can be had on a t-shirt, crewneck, hoodie, etc. at my Teepublic site.

Couple New Stickers

Did these recently. For sale in the shop.

December 2, 2016


For those of you following my last few posts on Instagram and Facebook working on this piece, here it is done (finally). Sorry about the watermark, but I've been experiencing some bootlegging lately. This will be expertly screenprinted in 6 colors on really nice French paper within the next couple weeks by the homies at Zink Screenprinting in Oswego, as the first part of a local artist exclusive print series they're starting up. For anyone interested in buying a print, I've set up a pre-order in my webstore at (or link to right). I won't have many of them (less than 20) - if you want one, don't wait on it. I'll post photos of the screening process and finished prints as soon as I can. Hope you like it, I put a lot of time and myself into this one.

June 29, 2016

Fucked Up Kids Series 5

I've been a fan of Renonelab's Fucked Up Kids trading cards series for a while now, finally got a chance to be part of it and do one of my own. My Rockbottom Randy art is below. There are a ton of talented artists is this series, if you're an 80s kid like me who had the original Garbage Pail Kids back in the day, these FUK cards are the shit. This current series 5 is now available to pre-order at and not only that, anyone ordering 3 packs of cards or more will get a FREE lapel pin version of my card!! Lance at Renonelab is only doing the lapel pin treatment for my card, couldn't be more stoked about this. I'll eventually have some of the lapel pins available in my webstore as well, once the cards are produced and released. Go get some!

May 23, 2016

Download Fest Art

I think I forgot to post this one. It's a t-shirt graphic done for last summer's UK Download Fest. Unfortunately never got printed. Woulda been nice to see it in print. Oh well --

May 11, 2016

Iron Invasion

I was lucky enough to score a commission recently to do some art for Iron Invasion, a big midwest hotrod and bike show held annually in Woodstock, Illinois. Too far away for me to go to unfortunately, but I'm happy to settle on doing some art for the event. This art will appear on t-shirts and a big banner at the event, and maybe some other stuff too if they decide to do so. Thanks to John Wells for hooking this up for me, I love doing stuff like this. You can keep up with the event at their Facebook page.

January 15, 2016

Jeral Tidwell/Landyachtz Longboards Skateboard Art Project

Did this recently as part of the Tidwell/Landyachtz Skateboard Art project, more details about which can be found here. This will soon be published with many others by Last Gasp as a big coffeetable book or some shit like that. Super stoked to be a part of this.

Sticker packs!

My sticker packs have grown to include 20+ stickers, including 3 vinyl die-cut stickers. Not a bad deal. Available in the SHOP.

Arrex Skulls vs. 1000styles

This set is the result of a creative collaboration between myself and Portland's street art maniac RX SKULLS. We started with his trademark skull image and then I modified it a bit with exposed brain, then I added the body and projectile teeth before handing off the art back to RX for him to screen. This set includes one two-color hand-screened 8x10" print in black and metallic gold on nice thick ivory paper, one sheet (approx 8x10") of die-cut, two-color, hand-screened stickers, plus four additional RX SKULLS and 1000STYLES stickers. Limited to just 22 sets between the two of us, prints are signed and numbered by RX and myself. Available in the SHOP.

Hop Head

A little hop character commission that will eventually become a tattoo...

Random drawings

Been doing a bunch of random drawing lately too - some of these may end up on t-shirts at some point, or pins, or who knows...

Demon Seed

I did another skate deck graphic for Demon Seed, my favorite one yet! I have one left for sale, in the SHOP.

More new junk

I did a bunch of buttons recently - all available in the SHOP.

More updates

More! I've been doing a ton of stuff for the hood rats at SLUMGOLD recently. Here's some.