June 29, 2016

Fucked Up Kids Series 5

I've been a fan of Renonelab's Fucked Up Kids trading cards series for a while now, finally got a chance to be part of it and do one of my own. My Rockbottom Randy art is below. There are a ton of talented artists is this series, if you're an 80s kid like me who had the original Garbage Pail Kids back in the day, these FUK cards are the shit. This current series 5 is now available to pre-order at renonelab.storenvy.com and not only that, anyone ordering 3 packs of cards or more will get a FREE lapel pin version of my card!! Lance at Renonelab is only doing the lapel pin treatment for my card, couldn't be more stoked about this. I'll eventually have some of the lapel pins available in my webstore as well, once the cards are produced and released. Go get some!

May 23, 2016

Download Fest Art

I think I forgot to post this one. It's a t-shirt graphic done for last summer's UK Download Fest. Unfortunately never got printed. Woulda been nice to see it in print. Oh well --

May 11, 2016

Iron Invasion

I was lucky enough to score a commission recently to do some art for Iron Invasion, a big midwest hotrod and bike show held annually in Woodstock, Illinois. Too far away for me to go to unfortunately, but I'm happy to settle on doing some art for the event. This art will appear on t-shirts and a big banner at the event, and maybe some other stuff too if they decide to do so. Thanks to John Wells for hooking this up for me, I love doing stuff like this. You can keep up with the event at their Facebook page.

January 15, 2016

Jeral Tidwell/Landyachtz Longboards Skateboard Art Project

Did this recently as part of the Tidwell/Landyachtz Skateboard Art project, more details about which can be found here. This will soon be published with many others by Last Gasp as a big coffeetable book or some shit like that. Super stoked to be a part of this.

Sticker packs!

My sticker packs have grown to include 20+ stickers, including 3 vinyl die-cut stickers. Not a bad deal. Available in the SHOP.

Arrex Skulls vs. 1000styles

This set is the result of a creative collaboration between myself and Portland's street art maniac RX SKULLS. We started with his trademark skull image and then I modified it a bit with exposed brain, then I added the body and projectile teeth before handing off the art back to RX for him to screen. This set includes one two-color hand-screened 8x10" print in black and metallic gold on nice thick ivory paper, one sheet (approx 8x10") of die-cut, two-color, hand-screened stickers, plus four additional RX SKULLS and 1000STYLES stickers. Limited to just 22 sets between the two of us, prints are signed and numbered by RX and myself. Available in the SHOP.

Hop Head

A little hop character commission that will eventually become a tattoo...

Random drawings

Been doing a bunch of random drawing lately too - some of these may end up on t-shirts at some point, or pins, or who knows...

Demon Seed

I did another skate deck graphic for Demon Seed, my favorite one yet! I have one left for sale, in the SHOP.

More new junk

I did a bunch of buttons recently - all available in the SHOP.

More updates

More! I've been doing a ton of stuff for the hood rats at SLUMGOLD recently. Here's some.


Been a while - gonna try and keep up on this better. I'm going to post a bunch of recent work, not necessarily in chronological order. Here goes! And by the way, I deactivated my facebook artist page to concentrate more on this blog and my Instagram (@1000styles) - too many places to update. Here's my Ol' Dirty Bart character - available on t-shirts and stickers, check my shop for details:

October 16, 2015

Strong Hearts Cafe T-shirt Graphic

I got the opportunity to do this t-shirt graphic for Strong Hearts Cafe here in Syracuse, I think it turned out pretty sweet. Rumor has it it will be available at the cafe soon, and they may even have some limited prints made too. This was a ton of fun. Thanks Joel!

September 29, 2015

Interview up at Sticker Robot!

Been a while since I've updated, I know. I'll add some new art soon. In the meantime, check out this interview I just got over at Sticker Robot's blog: Ten Questions with 1000STYLES! You can even score one of my Malted Mickey stickers, FREE - details in the interview. Don't forget, my Instagram (@1000styles) and artist page on Facebook are the best way to stay up to date on my art (do people even visit normal websites anymore?).

June 8, 2015

Teenage Time Killers

Been a while since I've updated this blog! If you're interested in my work, follow me on Instagram (@1000STYLES) or on Facebook (facebook.com/thousandstyles) for more frequent updates, I tend to post there before anywhere else. I'll get this site/blog up to date soon, I hope, but in the meantime, here's a recent project. I got to do this t-shirt graphic for the Teenage Time Killers, who are some kind of crazy million-member supergroup including members of like 30 different bands like Lamb of God, Corrosion of Conformity, Slipknot, Foo Fighters, etc. It's a pretty big project. They have an album coming out July 31, can't wait to hear it. This was a fun graphic to do, I'd definitely like to do more like this!

January 30, 2015

Minion Stickers are Available!

Finally made the jump to vinyl die-cut stickers. Got some done of the little minion I did - thanks to Bryan at Rockin' Stickers for hooking it up just right. They're available in my webstore for only two bucks. Go check 'em out and pick up a couple!

January 28, 2015


Got a chance today to shoot some photos of this piece I did recently for the Deck the Halls all-skate-deck art show at the SALTQuarters Gallery here in Syracuse. This piece is now sold and it's gonna be hard to let go of it, but I guess that's just all the more reason to get into the next one! I decided against trying to scan it because of the curvature of the board, so I tried to get some good photos instead. Here's the shot of the whole thing followed by some closeups. Lighting isn't optimal, even though I was outside (in single-digit temperatures, no less) when I shot it, but you get the idea. It does look better in person, but what are you gonna do. I'll take what I can get, I'm no pro photographer. Hope you dig it.

January 5, 2015

Retro Rewind

Looks like I forgot to post this image a few weeks back when I was cleared to release it - too many social media outlets to update and forgot my own damn site! Ah well, it's cool, the event is thiscoming weekend so no better time to post it than now. This is a graphic I got to do for the big RETRO REWIND traditional hot rod and motorcycle show happening this weekend in Dubuque, Iowa. This is being produced on flyers, t-shirts, stickers, and whatever else. Best I can tell, it's one of two major images the show organizer commissioned to promote the show with, the other done by the amazing Doug P'Gosh! I'm in some great company on this one, super honored to have done it! Thanks again John!

November 29, 2014

Holiday Sale!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are always a lot of fun for me, seeing family and friends and enjoying time away from the usual grind. But the ever-worsening relentless approach of the corporations trying to steal your valuable dollars in the name of the holidays and the 'holiday creep' as it's become known, really annoys me. However, I do enjoy giving gifts to those on my list, so dealing with the american capitalist machine is a necessary evil. I just try to keep it as limited as possible, and buy from small businesses and local craftsmen as much as I can. I assume most of you reading this also have plans to buy a few gifts for your loved ones - so if your list includes someone who would enjoy my art, I am offering an incentive to visit my shop - a free poster or two! To get to my webstore, you can click the image at right, or this link. Read on for details...

November 17, 2014

Sketch Collection Booklet

I've gotten some pretty good response on some of my recent pencil drawings, so I decided to put a bunch of them together in a booklet format to make available in my webstore. Since they're just drawings and not really finished pieces, it made more sense to me to do it this way to to try and make prints of them or sell the originals (which would have to be literally ripped from the book and I don't want to do that). So I scanned them at high resolution and created this booklet - it's 32 pages of gory, dripping, violent, disturbing characters that make people think I'm a sadistic torture-killer just waiting for the right moment to murder a bus full of tourists or something. But chances are, since you're already here on my site, you're into this kind of thing and you likely won't be offended. Most of these drawings have already been published on this site or on my various social media, but in low resolution, small size, and sometimes just photos, not scans - so this booklet collects them all in one convenient place in high quality print. I thought it was a cool way to make them accessible and affordable to those who might be interested. You could potentially take the booklet apart and create like little 30 prints to hang up if you wanted. Anyway, here's a preview - and it's available in the webstore here. I'll sign each copy, and it comes with a bunch of stickers too. Word up!